Dress Up to the Nines (dressup2the9s) wrote,
Dress Up to the Nines

Bust A Move

Get sexy with these lovely dresses with details on the bust!


Ellie Embroided Dress in Sherbert, Navy and Ash,  $28.90
PTP 15" - 18"
Length 29" without straps

Straight from the tailor's mouth:
Comfy dress with bunched frill detail at bust and skirt
Embroidery detail on front
Garter on back and smocked garter at waist
Adjustable straps
Ends above the knee
Fits size 6 - 10

Fay Fringed Mini Tank Top in Yellow and Pink,
PTP 14"
Length 26"

Straight from the tailor's mouth:
Mini Tank dress with coloured panel running down the front
Fringe detailing overlaying the coloured panel
Tee hugging structure shows off your lovely curves
Ends below the hip
Fits size 6-10

Ordering Info:
Pls leave your name and email address and hp
We reply our mail really fast, so please check within 24 hrs!
Items not paid for within 1 day, unless otherwise agreed upon, will be put up for sale thereafter
Leaving a comment implies your intention of confirming an item
Dead buyers would be blacklisted!

Shipping Info:
For normal postage, add $1.50
For registered postage, add $3.24
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